What is a timed racing bike?

The timed racing bikes are designed to keep athletes at top speed when competing alone.
Cycling timers are a popular form of racing at the current sports festival. So, is the timing bike different from other sports bikes? Let’s find out about this special bike.

  1. Concept of timeless racing bikes

According to Wikipedia: Time Trial Bike is a race bike designed for use in individual or team time racing content on asphalt.
Individual timetable racing content is understood as the form of racing each athlete in turn completes a given route. Athletes who finish in the shortest possible time will win. When racing, the riders will not race together but race one after another. The form of team racing is similar, but each team starts.

  1. Designing bicycle racing timers

Because of the special form of timed emulation, the racing bikes are designed with a quite strange design.

  • Chassis
    Instead of straight tubes, the bike frames are often in flat “Flat – Tube” shape with a teardrop shape. This helps reduce wind resistance while moving forward.
  • Wheel
    Timeless bicycles often have a wheel with a very thick rim (Deep Wheel) sometimes a closed rim (Disc Wheel) behind and a 3-spoke rim (Tri-Spoke) front. This type of rim aims to reduce wind turbulence and create momentum to help the car go faster.
  • Truss head
    Instead of a head rig with a straight or curved handlebar like a regular racing bike. The timed racing bikes own the Aero head rig. The purpose of this design is to lower the center of gravity to the maximum, helping reduce wind resistance when moving.
  • 3. Feature of timed bike
    Basically, timers are designed to allow the maximum speed of athletes when traveling alone. It is different from a racing bicycle that athletes can hide from each other.

When using a timed race bike, riders will have to bend to the maximum to use the handlebars. Together with the aerodynamic frame design and the racing bike high gear ratio gearing can reach speeds of more than 40km / h.

  1. Using timed racing bike does nothing
    Time bike used to race individual or team time. However, some sports, such as Ironman triathlon (3.8km swimming, 180km cycling, 42.2km jogging), are also popular.

For regular sports people, exercising with bicycles can help to strengthen the thighs a lot better.

  1. Exercise caution with timed racing bikes
  • The sitting position of a racing bike is quite uncomfortable due to the unnatural and quite exhausting back and neck.
  • In addition, the unnatural sitting posture with high-speed movement will make the bike feel quite sluggish. Therefore, you should be careful when practicing with timed racing bikes.