Tour de France bicycle race

Tour de France is considered the world’s largest annual bicycle race. This event attracts millions of spectators annually. Organized in France and neighboring countries, the race has enthralled many audiences since 1903.

About the race

The route is 3,600 km in the total time of 3 weeks. Besides up and down mountain road, the stamina of the racers is also challenged by the hot summer, when the race takes place. The annual Tour de France attracts riders and teams from all over the world.

Tour de France yellow coat

The Tour de France is divided into several stages. The time of each racer is summarized daily to determine the final winner at the end of the day. Any rider with the shortest cumulative time to complete will be awarded the Tour de France yellow jersey the next day. The idea of ​​the Yellow Shirt was given in 1919 by editor Henri Desgrange, the head of the organizing committee.

Other shirts

The Tour de France blue shirt from 1953, was awarded to the best sprinter.

The red-and-white shirt appeared in 1975 and was awarded to the most talented mountaineer. The title King of the Mountains (KOM) was awarded to the racer having the highest point, accumulated from the climbing stages.

The best young racer (under 26 years old) – who completed the race with the shortest total time will be wearing a white shirt. This is the title that started in 1975.


The Tour de France route changes every year. However, the race always consists of mountain roads as a criterion. This is to challenge the stamina of the riders and always ends at the Champs-Élysées in Paris, which is in the joy of the trumpet.