Top 5 world famous bicycle racing tournaments

Bicycles are a popular sport in the world today, so there are now many bicycle racing events being opened. Below is 5 typical bike racing tournaments. Let’s check out!

1. Tour de France

Tour de France is the first race around France, held for the first time in 1903.  This is also the first race in the history of cycling. Leading the way of the world’s cycling tournaments, the Tour de France takes place within 3 weeks of July. The tracks of the tournament are judged to be very harsh and challenging for riders.

2. Giro d’Italia

Top 5 world famous bicycle racing tournaments

Giro d’Italia is a race around Italy. This race was set up just after the Tour de France. The race is held every year for about 3 weeks in May starting from 1909 with the race across Italy and some neighboring countries. This race always includes a flat road, medium hard tracks and a high mountain race to determine the winner.

3. Vuelta a España

The Vuelta a España is the world’s third-largest bicycle race organized in Spain, sometimes extending to other countries’ routes such as France, Portugal, Netherlands or Belgium. The first race was held in 1935 with the participation of many cyclists around the world.

4. Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale

Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale is the world’s largest cycling race for women. But in the press and the media, this race is less known than the previous three races.

5. Tour Down Under

Tour Down Under is the cycling race around Adelaide in South Australia and was first held in 1999. This is a race in the UCI World Tour system. The race attracts many famous racers in the world. Not only that, this is also the most appreciated bicycle racing competition outside Europe.