Top 10 world-famous bike brands (Part 4)

The brands are favored by many customers in the world because of many reasons as follows.

The majority of racing bikes on the market today are specially designed to be more thorough than other sports bikes. However, to admit the fact that imported racing bikes have extremely delicate designs. Most imported racing bike products have a sleek, eye-catching design to each line. In addition, the luxury car paint makes imported racing bikes look more personality, strong and attractive.

The products of those brands have diversified and rich designs

Meeting the demand of many consumers, sports bike manufacturers around the world produce more and more innovative products for customers. The abundance of designs makes the car more and more popular.

Their products have guaranteed quality, full warranty

The product has been tested for quality and then brought to the market for consumers. Therefore, when buying imported racing bikes, you will enjoy full warranty with full maintenance policy from the company.

The bikes of those brands often have ultra-light frame and superior transmission, racing bikes always create maximum conditions for you to cycle and exercise with the bike.

Let’s end the list with two best bike brands in the world below.

2. GT

Located in the Top 3 of the best known bike brands in the world GT is a very famous brand of America known worldwide. The automaker is part of Canada’s Dorel Industries. GT specializes in high-end cars of MTB, BMX and high-end racing cars. The two founders Richard Long and Gary Turner started to work together in 1974. Their bicycle models are very stylish and have different colors.

1. Giant

Giant is the leading brand in the top 10 most famous, best and high-end bike brands in the world. Giant bike is famous for its quality with excellent features and excellent design. This big man is a Taiwanese brand founded in 1972 by founder King Liu. The famous bicycle company in Taiwan and the world has offices in many countries like the Netherlands and China.