Top 10 world-famous bike brands (Part 3)

6. Kona

Kona is one of the top 10 most famous bicycle brands in the world – Kona is very popular with many people. This is basically a brand of North America and was born in 1988. Brand n This is founded by Dan Gerhard and Jacob. Kona has offices in many other countries to provide their bicycles as well as Canada, Switzerland and the US and many other countries. Kona has also introduced the latest series of bicycles for girls with colorful designs and many attractive designs.

5. Scott

Scott is famous for sport bikes and is an extremely popular world brand. This bike has excellent style and reliable quality. The Swiss automaker produces a variety of bicycles, winter equipment, sports products and sports cars. Scott was founded by Ed Scott, who worked at Sun Valley in 1958. The brand has been registered in history with great achievements as the first place to produce aluminum sleds.

4. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is famous for its high-end bicycle brand. This company is a trademark of California. Santa Cruz was born in 1993 by two wealthy founders Novak and Rob Roskopp. Their bicycles always have the latest styles and affordable prices, which is a remarkable attraction for this brand.

3. Marin

As one of the most famous and best brands in the world, this car company was started by Bob Buckley in 1986 by California. Their mountain bikes are famous for many color models besides accessories and some other products are equally popular. Some Marin models are also considered to be the most expensive in the premium range. Some of the brand’s bikes are made from one place in Marin County.