Top 10 world famous bike brands (Part 1)

The world-famous bicycle brands are information many consumers are interested in learning about the bicycle market.

Bicycles are the most used vehicle worldwide. Most models today are quite easy to use and are not expensive. Bicycles are also great for exercise to train and stay healthy. Riding a bicycle is a representation of a civilized and healthy lifestyle that the whole world is aiming for.

There are many brands of bicycles in the world that are manufactured with different prices to meet the needs of all classes and users. The latest versions are constantly being introduced to the public with more and more new, modern, youthful and dynamic styles to attract young people.

Among them, sports bikes are the hottest product of any bicycle category. This model not only has many youthful colors but also suits many different personality styles for customers to choose according to their own needs. A sports bike is not only attractive but also affordable, inexpensive and quite versatile.

The world-famous bicycle companies have been launching many products in the same sports bikes, the only difference between the models is the price. Which bike company is famous, the price will definitely be much higher than an unnamed brand.

Here are the top 10 brands of world-famous bicycle brands, the best quality and also the most expensive bike brand.

10. Merida

Merida is ranked No. 10 in the Top of the world famous bicycle brands

First named in the list of indispensable world-famous bicycle brands Merida, which is a very famous brand of mountain bike with very good style. This Taiwanese car company called Merida Industry Company was founded since 1972 by Ike Tseng. He is a well-known engineer and has successfully brought to the market thousands of different and colorful MTB models with modern fashion style at a high price.