The weirdest bike races (part 2)

4. The Mountain Bike Chariot Racing

You know, Green Events are the firm that holds the previously touched Bog Snorkling World Championships; thus, it stands to reason why they organize the similarly weird Mountain Bike Chariot Racing as well.

In this event, the mountain bikers pull one ‘charioteer’ on one specially designed chariot. Here, there is a time trial as well as a mass start race. You see, from the things’ looks, fancy dress is greatly encouraged.

It is inexpensive to enter, so there may not be anything that can stop your mates and you from having a go this year.

5. Bring your large wheel

Happening in San Francisco, you know, this place known for steep hills, the race named Bring Your Big Wheel mixes adults adorned in fancy dress with one child’s large wheel trike.

People races down the hill simultaneously, resulting in hilarious crashes aplenty, which can explain why numerous spectators turn up.

As fancy dress tends to be a large part of this event, if you desire to be one serious competitor, you should think up one crazy outfit that equals such a wacky event.

6. The Red Bull Goni Pony

Does tearing up a Slovenian mountain pass of 13.5km with one average gradient of 10.8% get hard? If so, Red Bull Goni Pony will sound truly brutal.

It would be best if you conquered the aforementioned climb. Not all, do it on something named a ‘Pony bike’. The folding bikes come with no gears. They have become one tradition in Slovenian households dating back to the 1960s.

Here, the fancy dress gets highly encouraged. Also, four pit stops are positioned along the climb’s length, where refreshments are readily available for people mad enough to take on such as crazy race. Ready to try them?