The weirdest bike races (part 1)

Do you find the Lycra-clad road race quite strange? If so, the list below about the weirdest bike races around the globe is undoubtedly raising your eyebrows. 

1. The Bog Snorkeling World Championships

You know, the average bog snorkeler loves to snorkel through sludgy, cold, wet, two-meter-deep bogs, when attempting to get to the other side most possibly quickly. As you can imagine, one mountain bike bog snorkeler loves to do the same, yet on one mountain bike.

It may sound cold and wacky, but competitors are enabled to fill their tires with water, thus hopefully assisting them in sinking to the bottom for the all-significant grip.

2. Marymoor Crawl

Often, Velodromes are related to fast, massive sprinters thrashing round. Yet, the Marymoor Crawl, or also known as ‘one extra-long lap’ competition, prefers turning things down a notch.

Here, the rules are quite changeable based on where you live, yet the basic premise is known as one of holding one track stand on the line of finish up to four minutes until one bell randomly rings and next you need to race round for a lap as quickly as possible.

If you cross the line of finish or dab one foot before that bell rings, you will get disqualified, which results in track sprinters hilariously attempting to stay upright before set loose for a frantic lap.

3. Brompton World Championship

Do you own one fold-up Brompton Bicycle? Also, do you fancy yourself as one racy super commuter? If so, perhaps you want to give this Championship a try.

It is held every year. Here, this race consists of one Le Mans style start – in which competitors need to run to their folded bikes as well as assembling them before pedaling away. Good luck trying! And tell us your achievement results!