The “bicycle kingdoms” in the world (part 3)

There are more than 1 billion bicycles in the world, double the number of cars. In recent years, about 100 million bicycles have been produced each year. Bicycles have appeared since the 19th century and since then have brought many different uses.

Let’s continue the list of 9 “bicycle kingdoms” in the world!

8. Denmark

Population: 5,560,628 people

Number of bicycles: 4,500,000 units

Number of cyclists: 80.01%

18% of journeys in Denmark are done by bicycle and on average, every German citizen pedal 1.6 km per day. Cycling is said to be healthier, more economical, environmentally friendly and faster than cars or public transport in cities in Denmark. Therefore, the government has encouraged people to use bicycles to move. In Copenhagen, 37% of people travel by bike every day.

City Hall even offers free rental bicycles to tourists. There is an interesting fact that the speed of traveling by bicycle in Copenhagen is 16km / h while the speed of the car is 27km per hour.

9. Netherlands

Population: 16,652,800 people

Number of bicycles: 16,500,000 units

Number of cyclists: 99.1%

On average, each Dutch citizen rides 2.5 km per day. Dutch people connect with bicycles like bread and jam. Although during the recession, Dutch people still used a large sum of money on their bicycles: nearly 1 billion euros per year. About 1.3 million bicycles were sold in the Netherlands in 2009 and the average price is 713 euros ($ 1,008) per vehicle.


Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. There are about 400km of bike paths and about 40% of the capital people travel by bicycle. However, cyclists here do not wear helmets. Bicycle theft is a big problem with about a fifth of the cars stolen each year.