The “bicycle kingdom” in the world (part 2)

Improving health, saving fuel and being environmentally friendly are the reasons why more than 60% of the population in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, etc. use bicycles to travel daily.

Let’s continue our list of “bicycle kingdom” in the world!

5. Finland

– Digital: 5,380,200 people

– Bicycle number: 3,250,000 units

– The number of cyclists: about 60.4%

In Finland, 9% of journeys are done by bicycle. On average, each person rides 0.7 km per day. Finns ride bicycles regardless of age or social status from children to the elderly, from tourists to housewives, from retirees to students. Although the cycling season at the country usually starts in spring or summer but bike lovers do not manage rain, wind, even winter snowstorms. The love of bicycle enthusiasts in Finland for “his iron horse” can be compared to the passion for fishing or sauna.

6. Norway

Population: 4,943,000 people

Number of bicycles: 3,000,000 units

Number of cyclists: 60.7%

The "bicycle kingdom" in the world (part 2)

Every year, in Norway there are about 60,000 bicycle thieves. Thieves often take them in places where their owners think is safe. Experienced thieves can steal cars even when the car is locked firmly within 10-20 seconds. About 10% of the stolen cars are exported to Russia and Eastern European countries.

7. Sweden

Population: 9,418,732 people

Number of bicycles: 6,000,000 units

Number of cyclists: nearly 63.7%

For families in Sweden, bicycles are as important as a TV, even more valuable. Usually a family has several different bicycles, depending on the number of members and the age of each person.