The “bicycle kingdom” in the world (part 1)

Here are 10 countries with the largest number of people using bicycles per capita in the world.

1. China

Population: 1,342,700,000 people

Number of bicycles:> 500,000,000

Number of cyclists:> 37.2%

In fact: 60% of bike users in Shanghai city (the most populous city in China) ride their bicycles to work every day. The city currently has 9,430,000 bicycles out of a total of 19,213,2000 people.

2. Belgium

Population: 10,827,519 people

Number of bicycles: 5,200,000 units

Number of cyclists: nearly 48%

In Belgium, people use bicycles for 8% of trips. About the average that each person rides every day is 0.9km. Cycling is a national sport in Belgium. Belgians are very serious about cycling. They can afford to buy an expensive bike and wear a helmet, wear reflective gear when riding to ensure safety.

3. Switzerland

Population: 7,782,900 people

Number of bicycles: 3,800,000 units

Number of cyclists: nearly 48.8%.

5% of journeys and 10% of trips to work in Switzerland are done by bicycle. Switzerland is a cycling country. This is not only a sport but also a healthy way to mingle with the environment and be more friendly with the local people. Switzerland even launched a “Cycling to work” campaign.

4. Japan

Population: 127.37 million people

Number of bicycles: 72,540,000 units

Number of cyclists: 56.9%

The "bicycle kingdom" in the world (part 1)

In the past few years, the number of bicycles sold in Japan is 10 million units per year. In Japan, bicycles are widely used as an alternative to cars. Many people use them to move to the stations. Right now, more and more Japanese people ride to work to improve their health and avoid traffic jams and crowds on the subway. Many people do not lock their cars even when they leave the car outside the station day and night.