Short Ride: Tips for Quick Success in the Game and Riding Your Bicycle (part 2)

Tips and Tricks

2. Don’t give up:

With each fall, you only get better and better. So even if you crash land, don’t give up. You can also ride a bicycle with one wheel (called a unicycle) if you don’t give up and know how to ride it well.

3. Try other characters:

Sometimes monotonous figures can be boring. There are many other characters you can pick and play with to make the game more interesting. You can also go to the EDIT option on the home screen and work on various other aspects of the game — truly a fun experience.

4. Don’t rush:

Being patient will reward you well in this game. The gameplay is fast, but you need to maintain your calm and avoid rushing into things. There are some deadly obstacles, and if you are in a hurry, you might bump into them and get yourself killed.

5. Get adjusted to steering sensitivity:

Steering sensitivity is one of the crucial aspects. Unless and until you are in control of your bike, you won’t be able to go too far. That is why you need to get familiar with the controls of the bike if you want to steer it. There are plenty of obstacles in your way, and you need to dodge all of them smartly to get out of trouble.

If you see that your bike is leaning to the right, then quickly steer to the left side, and if you see that your bike is leaning to the left, then drive promptly to the right side to overcome that too. The controls of this game are pretty simple. Use the keyboard UP arrow button to move forward, DOWN arrow button to go back, RIGHT arrow button to turn right, LEFT arrow button to turn left, and SPACEBAR for action.