Short Ride: Tips for Quick Success in the Game and Riding Your Bicycle (part 1)

Whether it is a motorcycle or a bicycle game, games played on two wheels are a level above routine car games and also vary a lot concept-wise. So to become an ace in online bike games and real biking paths, you need a different set of skills. Short Ride Game is a popular online bicycle game to hone your skills.

About Short Ride Game

With the focus so often being on car racing and motorcycle racing, not many would bet on a bicycle riding game, but you shouldn’t underestimate this particular bicycle riding game. You need to ride a delicate bicycle over bumpy hills to complete your mission, but riding over the rough hills is not an easy thing to do since the slopes are too steep for a bicycle. On top of that, there are various hazards in your way, like wooden boxes, around and over which you have to negotiate. You need to make occasional jumps and evade deadly obstacles that can slice your throat in one go; all this while you also need to keep an eye on the timer.

Tips and Tricks

The tips and tricks below will help you achieve quick success in Short Ride:

1. Learn the art of balancing:

The most important thing while riding a bicycle, whether in real life or a game, is to learn the art of balancing. You need to understand your ride’s responses and get accustomed accordingly. The hills in the game can be quite steep, so you need to maintain the right balance to arrest the momentum. You may fall many times in the beginning, but remember, ‘practice makes perfect!’

2. Don’t give up:

Never give up — in life, and also in this game. You may not get quick success early on, but you need to be persistent with your efforts.