Limburg: The Most Beautiful Cycling Route In The World

If there’s an Oscar for the most incredible bike paths, then this place is definitely going to win the top prize.

There is nothing wrong with saying that this is the most beautiful bicycle-only road in the world. The 3m-wide trail runs through one of the 1,000 lakes in the De Wijiers wetland, a 550-hectare Bokrijk nature park near Genk, Limburg province, Belgium.

Inside the park is an outdoor sanctuary, with a collection of unique buildings dating back to the Flemish era. In addition to the outdoor playground, this park attracts a large number of visitors cycling inside. The reason is because there is a unique path across the lake, providing a great experience for visitors to cycle through.

Since opening in 2016, about 1 million people have cycled through this place. This makes the bike path included in the list of the 100 greatest places in the world in 2018 by Time magazine.

After closing coal mines, Limburg province has pioneered cycling to boost its economy. Roads reserved for cyclists are therefore focused on implementation and the unique works for cyclists are also impressively designed. Over the past 25 years, the province has created 2,000 km of bicycle trails, most of which are Free roads. One of the best places to visit is the adventurous path in the Bosland Forest, which opens in June 2019. Here, cyclists pedal a double circle along the 700-meter path. 10 meters high.

Igor Philtjens, president of Limburg’s provincial tourism association, said the idea of building a bicycle trail through water, through treetops and underground was both strategic and symbolic in Limburg. These are all potential to increase the interaction between cyclists and the landscape. That’s the way they are continuing to build to attract more people to come here.

Both the concept of cycling through trees and cycling through water were invented by the province of Limburg. The carefully designed routes bring visitors close to nature. Limburg Province has no intention of stopping these ideas yet. A third project will be implemented in the second half of 2020.