Learn about Benefits of Two-Wheeled Adventures with Top 3 Best Bike Games

Want to have a fantastic adventure on a great bike without worrying about the possibility of falling over the handlebars? Then look no further than those awesome bike games. All of them look and feel great. 

1.    Moto X3M 4 Winter 

In the game, you must control your bike through various levels with the theme of the winter wonderland. Snow, pines trees as well as festive decorations are featured there. 

You will have fun with the original tracks with fresh obstacles and jumps. Gain a score boost and finish each level with 3x stars by completing as many flips as you can. You can use the stars to unlock bikes. Are you confident enough to complete all the levels and prove your skills in biking?

Use W or the up arrow to accelerate. Brake with S or the down arrow. Tilt left with A or the left arrow. Tilt right with D or the right arrow. Continue the race with the Spacebar. 

2.    3D Moto Simulator 2

This motorbike racing game is incredible and fast-paced. Here, you put your skills of driving to the test on various cool cross and trials bikes. Select and jump on your motorbike and enter the map! There are different excellent bikes, including trials bikes, cross bikes, or a police bike! 

Also, three different locations are available to choose from. Why not explore all of them and show off your racing skills?

To change the bike, rely on 123. Use the handbrake with the Spacebar. Move with WASD or the arrow keys. Change the camera with C. Shift is for using nitro. Reset the game with R. Reset the bike with G. E is for using the police lights. 

3.    Bike Blast 

In the 3D running game, you ride a bike through busy streets. Do amazing jumps and crazy stunts along the way. Stay away from obstacles as well as traffic. Also, do great tricks. Rank up and earn rewards by completing daily challenges. Earn coins and use them to unlock cooler bikes. Remember to purchase items that can help you throughout the game. Are you ready to ace the game? Don’t forget to let us know what the highest score you can gain is?

Move left or right using AD or the left/right arrow. Jump with W or the up arrow. Slide with S or the down arrow. Rely on the Spacebar to build up power before you use high ramps.