Before riding bike

Drink a small glass of water, and if possible, before practicing for 1 to 2 hours, eat a light meal to help your body be energetic, ready to practice.

Warm up to avoid muscle cramps, joints or injuries during exercise. Besides that, choosing a pair of real shoes, good sweat absorbing, cool will help you excitedly practice with the bike.

Do not ride for too long

When riding a bicycle, the body parts such as the back, buttocks, abdomen, genitalia, etc. will be affected greatly. Cycling for too long is like sitting in a seat for too long, making blood unable to circulate. This causes incalculable harms like back pain, scoliosis and infertility in men.

The advice here is not to sit in the car for more than 1 hour. Get off at the break after every 30 minutes of cycling. In addition, when cycling, you should also step up to pedal, at least every 10 minutes.

Wear comfortable clothes

Like other sports, cycling also requires spacious, comfortable outfits. Do not wear clothes that are too tight or too tight because it will make you feel uncomfortable and get tired. However, you should not wear baggy clothes when cycling, avoid wearing too long pants that will make the pants easily caught in the car chain.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the selection of panties when cycling. Choose soft, elastic and sweat absorbing panties to protect the genitalia while maintaining hygiene.

Arrange the appropriate timetable

If you decide to stay long with a bicycle to keep fit and maintain your body, you should also arrange a suitable schedule. The ideal time for cycling is in the early morning because at this time the sunlight is cool, the air is fresh and the body is full of energy after a long night of rest.

In addition, cycling in the morning also contributes to a significant improvement in height. If you do not have the conditions, you can ride in the evening also very good. Avoid cycling when it is too sunny or too hot as it will cause your body to become tired of dehydration.