Differentiate popular sports bikes

Similar to other vehicles, sports bikes in general and male sports bikes, in particular, are also distinguished by many different types and differentiated criteria such as: distinguishing according to the chassis structure, materials made chassis or differentiated by the function of use. Accordingly, functional classification is the type of classification that is often applied to sports bike lines.

In terms of classification by the frame structure, sports bikes are distinguished by two types: straight frame and folding frame. In terms of frame material, sports bikes can be divided into categories: aluminum alloy frame, steel alloy frame, superior to titanium and carbon frames.

In particular, the classification of functional sports bikes is considered the most popular form of classification. From a functional perspective, sports bikes are divided into a number of categories with specific structural features

Road Bike: Sports bikes have the main function to serve in the bike journeys which are usually lightweight, simple structure with slim shape, thin tires, horn handlebar, saddle with characteristics for the driver to lean slightly forward to reduce wind resistance. The reason for this sports bike is specially designed to give priority to speed, to support the vehicle to achieve maximum speed on the traveling distance.

Mountain bike (Mountain Bike): this is a heavier vehicle than Road Bike sports bike. Designed with the main purpose of exploring and conquering rugged roads, rugged terrain, so factors such as high safety, traction, good shock absorber are details. Be focused first on this model.

Street bike (Touring Bike): with its name, the Touring Bike is designed to optimize the functions such as load capacity, carrying luggage for trips through the long frame and firm. This is the right vehicle to exercise or track the road.

Besides, when classified by function, sports bikes, namely, male sports bicycles include street bike (Hybrid bike), bicycles for performing purposes – bicycle performances ( BMX Bike), or folding bicycles … and some other vehicles.

Whatever the criteria-based classification, sports bikes are still one of the most diverse and diverse vehicles available. Therefore, it is not easy to choose an appropriate vehicle.