Facts About Cycling (part 2)

4. Eat and Eat

The Tour de France lasts over 20 days and more than 3,000 kilometers – it is among the world’s most grueling athletic events. Yet, while the mileage is quite impressive, the same goes for these professional cyclists’ diet. Each rider eats about 6,000 calories daily based on the demands and length of the stage. 

5. Pedal Power

Do you think cars ruled our world? Then, think again. Bicycle Market Research Institute pointed out that over a billion bicycles have been present all over the world with about half of them are in China. America sits second on this list with more than 100 million bikes. Japan has been the third with more than 70 million. 

6. Smooth as Butter

Aspart from showing off their chiseled calves as well as claiming an “aero” perk, there should be more practical reasons that cyclists tend to shave their legs. When road rash occurs, the hair lack makes cleaning your wounds easier as well as helping avoid infection. Plus, it is simpler to massage your shaved legs compared to hairy ones. You should know how much the pro cyclists like their massages.

7. Next-Level Tandem

One tandem bicycle is virtually one two-seater bike that the front rider steers and the riders pedal. Yet, one tandem aficionado would not stop there—he made one 67-foot long tandem bike which can be pedaled by more than 30 people. Not really practical, but undoubtedly remarkable. 

8. Sweat Equity 

Cyclists often sweat a ton owing to the sport’s physical demands. Still, what you may not know is that if you try adding up the Tour de France’s mileage and monitoring the total sweat production over the whole event, one cyclist builds up enough sweat for flushing a toilet over 35 times. Does it impress you?