Facts About Cycling (part 1)

From its impact on the industry of auto to its record-setting performances, biking has a rich history dating back earlier in the 1800s. With iconic races, which include the Paris Roubaix and Tour de France, as well as big leaps in not only performance but also technology throughout the years, cyclists, even the die-hard ones, always have things to learn.

Below, we have put together some fun facts about cycling. They are great for schooling the riding companions over the post-ride pint. 

1. The Fast and Furious 

Denise Mueller-Korenek – an American cyclist, in 2018, set one record of 296 kph from the Bonneville Salt Flats. She did break not only the record but also smashed it. The past longstanding mark was established in 1995 at 167 mph. To place it in perspective, the cyclists from Tour de France can hit 62 mph or so when descending.

2. Its Ecofriendliness

You likely know that bikes are considered an eco-friendly alternative to your gas-powered transportation, yet you probably did not figure out how eco-friendly they are. According to a lot of studies, compared to cars, your everyday 16-kilometer commute on your bicycle saves you close to $15 each day, up to five kilos of emissions of carbon dioxide, and they burn about 360 extra calories. Plus, bicycles utilize two percent as plentiful energy as cars each passenger-kilometer as well as costing less than three percent or so as much to buy.

3. The Wright Brothers

You may have heard about the Wright Brothers’ story as well as their groundbreaking developments related to aircraft technology, yet did you know that Wilbur and Orville owned their bike repair shop? The same shop was utilized as they designed as well as building the 1903 Wright Flyer. Now you know, do not you? Impressive enough?