Drive on Intense Races Tournaments and Get the benefits with these Bike Racing Game Series

Take a drive now in these intense bike racing Games and practice your excellent skills. Are you confident in your bike racing abilities? Test out your skills and have fun time to drive.


Bike Racing is a fantastic driving game that you cannot miss out on. In this gameplay, you will get chances to take control over a motorbike and join in a series of intense races. The racing tracks are oddly impressive with line-drawn ways. All these racing tracks require you to show off your most outstanding crazy tricks and stunts. Try your best to perform your tricks and stunts as many as possible to get a high score. The more tricks and stunts you play, the more chances for you to get the maximum points and score your name on the champion board. 

It’s time to gather your nerve and show off your excellent skills with this fantastic bike game. This game contains over 30 exciting game levels for you to practice your driving. There are numerous bike models for you to unlock and have fun. Check this very first version now and start your driving time. 


Bike Racing 2 is the sequel of a fantastic bike game – Bike Racing. In this second edition, you will challenge your skill through a series of hill climbing and racing. All you need to do is to overcome all those steep racing roads. Try your best to maintain your bike balancing control in mid-air. Keep in mind that you cannot crash your bike, or you have to restart your level. The more airtime you keep, the higher chances for you to get more stars. You also can unlock more new game features and more powerful bike options with all the stars you have earned. Do you think you can drive it all through those three harsh environments?