Cycling promotes a healthy lifestyle during COVID-19 (part 2)

In the United States, bicycle display shelves at major stores like Walmart and Target have been wiped out. And the independent stores also sold out family bikes quickly and at an affordable price.

There are many reasons why bicycles boom and become more and more popular. Around the world, many workers are looking for an alternative to buses and subways out of crowd fear. Families scrambled to find ways to keep children active when they were forced to stay at home to avoid spreading disease.

People of modern countries are getting nervous and panicking, they are buying bicycles as they rush to buy and stock up on essentials like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Now, apparently for most of us we don’t want to go back to public transport.

The pandemic is also fueling the explosion of electric bikes, which are partly compatible with the general market until now. Most electric bicycles still satisfy a cyclist’s requirement to pedal, but besides that the electric motor provides more dynamics, and helps reduce fatigue load.

Effective measure to reduce multipurpose overload

City planners who are stopping overload also have reason to encourage people to ride bikes. The infrastructure is always bike-friendly.

This trend is being mirrored globally as cities are known for their congested roads. Manila and Rome have installed bicycle lanes to increase interest in cycling while public transport is still restricted because of Covid – 19. In London, the city government plans to go further by How to ban cars in some central roads.

For modern history, the bicycle industry has often revolved around sport. The 1990s saw the boom in mountain bikes and then the popularity of the bike market in the early 2000s. Although cycling legends like Lance Armstrong helped popularize the sport, but the majority of the participants are actually just enthusiastic about the sport.
However, over the past decade or so, bicycles have begun to appear in photo shoots for fashion designers and renowned brands for shaping lifestyles. Levi’s currently has a pair of jeans with a built to ride ad. Fendi and Urban Outfitters have sold bicycles. Most recently, fashion titan Louis Vuitton acquired the Italian bike company Pinarello.

Bicycles provide people with a means of getting around and getting to know the community in ways that would be impossible if we kept going by car or through public transport.