Basic knowledge of bicycle racing: what you need to know

If you want to try the exciting bike races, read this article about the basics of cycling you need to know to prepare yourself!

On the day of the bicycle race

Be cautious: Don’t be surprised if someone yells at you during the race (reasonable or not), because fans tend to flare up in group sports bike racing situations. “If it’s your first race, the most important thing is to go out and use it as a way to observe and see what’s going on and focus only on human safety,”

Holcomb to speak. “That said, I want to win my first race, and you won’t win it just by watching.” So she said, the goal is to find a balance: if you feel super strong and the race is easy ahead, keep your best. But if you’re having trouble, think about your safety first and backwards until you feel more comfortable. You will still learn a lot about racing, even if you don’t win any sprint.

Sports bike race

Basic knowledge of bicycle racing: what you need to know

Be realistic: “If you’re not familiar with basic cycling techniques, watch and learn first,” Holcomb said. You know your limits and your first race is not the time to push those limits. Don’t overestimate your ability here! If you are only involved in the road race, in fact, you may not win this race or be offered a professional contract for your sweet skill, so speed up and stay safe.

Things to keep in mind while on the track Notice your front wheel. You are responsible for the imported sport bike wheels in front of you in the sense that if someone in front of you does something strange (like his brakes or change his line suddenly), you still responsible for keeping your line and not swerving into the next guy with you, Holcomb said.