A-Z advantages of cycling (part 4)

11. Can heal the heart

According to studies from the US’s Purdue University, regular cycling is likely to cut the risk of heart disease by up to 50 percent. Plus, the British Heart Foundation pointed out that 10,000 fatal heart attacks or so could be avoided annually if people maintained their physical fitness.

Cycling only 20 miles weekly can reduce the risk of heart disease to at most half that of people who take no exercise.

12. Your employer will love you

Hey, we do not mean that your Lycra-clad buttocks want to entice your superiors into the passionate office romance. Yet, they may appreciate what biking does for the employee’s usefulness to the firm.

According to a study on about 200 people, workers who exercised at lunchtime or before they work improved their management of time and workload, and it increased their motivation as well as their ability to tackle stress.

Also, the study showed that employees that exercised tended to feel their interpersonal performance became better. They indeed took fewer breaks as well as finding it more comfortable to finish their work on time. Yet, the study failed to find a direct connection between biking and getting a promotion.

13. Bike away from the canner

A lot of evidence reported that any exercise helps ward off cancer, yet some studies have pointed out that cycling is particularly useful for keeping the cells in working order.

As per a long-term study from Finnish researchers, men exercising in moderation for 30 minutes or more daily were half as likely to suffer from cancer as people who didn’t.

Plus, one of the forms of exercise at the moderate level they cited? Biking to work. According to many other studies, women that often cycle tend to reduce the risk of breast cancer.