A-Z advantages of cycling (part 3)

8. Protect our planet

Twenty bicycles are possibly parked in a similar space to one car. It takes five percent or so of the energy and materials used for making a car to create a bike, and the bike produces zero pollution.

Also, bikes are efficient. You can travel about three times as quickly as walking for a similar amount of energy, and considering the ‘fuel’ you may put in the ‘engine’, you do an equivalent of nearly 3,000 miles to the gallon.

You get your weight ratio to be thankful. You are six times or so heavier than your bike. Still, a car is over 15 times heavier than you, indeed.

9. Cycling enhances your sex life

Getting more physically active boosts your vascular health, which brings the knock-on effect of encouraging your sex drive. According to one study, male athletes tend to have the men’s sexual prowess about five years younger. And physically fit females can delay the menopause by the same amount of time.

As per the research carried out from Harvard University, men aged more than 50 who ride bikes for at least three hours per week have an over 25 percent lower impotence risk than those doing a little exercise.

Cycling officially benefits your sex life

10. Cycling is a good breeding

You know, a ‘bun in the oven’ can get perks from your cycling as much as you. As per research at Michigan University in America, mums-to-be who exercise regularly during their pregnancy have less complicated labor, recover more quickly, and have a better overall mood.

Your joy and pride also has an over 45 percent lower chance of being obese and has better in-utero neurodevelopment.

Undeniably, moderate exercise such as riding bikes during pregnancy helps condition moms as well as protecting the foetus.