8 best cycling cities in the world

Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht is a city that supports the world’s two-wheeler vehicles. In the city center, local authorities are building a 12,500-seat bicycle park. It is advertised as the world’s largest. This is the destination of 50% of the journeys.

Biking in Utrecht is like walking. You don’t have to wear a helmet and wear protective equipment, because you are protected by bike-only routes.


Montreal began construction of bicycle roads in the 1980s and now has nearly 400 miles. This is the first place to popularize the BIXI bike rental program. then this program was spread to Paris and London. However, the city still has a lot of work to do because cyclists still have to go to busy roads.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a city that supports cycling. More than half of the people in the Danish capital ride to work or school. It is estimated that there are about 650,000 bicycles here, a little more than the population is living. Including bicycles for tourists rented because Copenhagen city is quite small and the traffic is easy, so tourists can explore the city by bus very easily.


Germany is also promoting the use of bicycles in many of its cities. Berlin is an outstanding example. About 13% of the city residents move by bike. The country has a lot of public transportation and is a country with a long tradition of automobile production. However, Germany supports the use of beautiful vehicles. This is a very positive thought.

Portland, Oregon

Brian Zeck, manager of River City Bicycles said: The city’s bicycle infrastructure was built more than 20 years ago. Bicycle racing has become a deep cultural feature of the city. The city has about 300 miles of bike paths. Up to 8% of the population uses bicycles as a regular means of transportation. And 10% of people say that bicycles are their second car.