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Top 10 most famous bicycle racing in the world today

Tour de France

Tour de France is a cycling tour around France. The Tour de France was first organized in 1903. This is the first real multi-stage race in the history of bicycle sport. This is the most famous cycling race in the world. This race is usually held every year for 3 weeks in July. The Tour de France has a very tough and challenging racetrack for riders.

Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia is a race around Italy. Since 1909, the Giro d’Italia Prize has been held every year, the 3-week period of May. The track passes through Italy and neighboring countries. The race consists of flat roads and high mountain races where the race is decided.

Vuelta a España

Vuelta a España is the third largest cycling race of the year. This race is held every year in Spain. The first race was held in 1935. The most winning athlete in this tournament was Roberto Heras. You are Spanish.

Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale

Grande Boucle Féminie Internationale is a bicycle race for women. Female athletes will pass shorter races than male athletes. This tournament is less interested in the public and the press

Tour Down Under

Tour Down Under is a bicycle race around Adelaide in southern Australia. This race was held for the first time in 1999. Tour Down Under is also part of the UCI World Tour system. It is attracting many young athletes around the world to attend. Simon Gerrans is the champion athlete most times with 4 times. Tour Down Under is the most appreciated outdoor bike racing in the world.

8 best cycling cities in the world

Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht is a city that supports the world’s two-wheeler vehicles. In the city center, local authorities are building a 12,500-seat bicycle park. It is advertised as the world’s largest. This is the destination of 50% of the journeys.

Biking in Utrecht is like walking. You don’t have to wear a helmet and wear protective equipment, because you are protected by bike-only routes.


Montreal began construction of bicycle roads in the 1980s and now has nearly 400 miles. This is the first place to popularize the BIXI bike rental program. then this program was spread to Paris and London. However, the city still has a lot of work to do because cyclists still have to go to busy roads.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a city that supports cycling. More than half of the people in the Danish capital ride to work or school. It is estimated that there are about 650,000 bicycles here, a little more than the population is living. Including bicycles for tourists rented because Copenhagen city is quite small and the traffic is easy, so tourists can explore the city by bus very easily.


Germany is also promoting the use of bicycles in many of its cities. Berlin is an outstanding example. About 13% of the city residents move by bike. The country has a lot of public transportation and is a country with a long tradition of automobile production. However, Germany supports the use of beautiful vehicles. This is a very positive thought.

Portland, Oregon

Brian Zeck, manager of River City Bicycles said: The city’s bicycle infrastructure was built more than 20 years ago. Bicycle racing has become a deep cultural feature of the city. The city has about 300 miles of bike paths. Up to 8% of the population uses bicycles as a regular means of transportation. And 10% of people say that bicycles are their second car.

The world’s top 3 cyclists

Bicycle racing is a well-known sport in the world. There are many major races and the Tour de France is the most popular race. Lance Armstrong has won the race seven times in a row. The 2016 champion is Englishman Christopher Froome. Let’s see the top 3 cyclists in the world nowadays.

Christopher Froome

Christopher Froome is a professional Englishman born in Kenya, who plays for UCI Proteam Team Sky. He has a height of 1.86m and weighs 69 kg. The British racer won the c in the years: 2013, 2015, 2016. With 3 wins, Froome became the first British cyclist in history who has won this world famous race three times.

Froome was born in Kenya but grew up in South Africa and later moved to Europe with the dream of pursuing his cycling career. The success of Christopher Froome continues to affirm the position of the British cyclists at the Tour de France bicycle race in recent years.

Alberto Contador

Alberto Contador is a professional cyclist from UCI ProTeam. Contador was born in Madrid, Spain. His height is 1.76m and weighs 62 kg. He has been at the top of the Tour de France 2007, the Giro d’Italia 2008, the Vuelta a Espana 2008 and the Tour de France 2009. Contador is the 5th racer in history to win all 3 Grand Tours cycling competitions.

Vincenzo Nibali

The world's top 3 cyclists

Vincenzo Nibali is an Italian cyclist who has been playing for the Astana team since 2013. Nibali was born in Messina, Italy, with a height of 1.81m and weighs 65kg. This Astana racer is known to the public after winning the Tour de France in 2014. The Italian racer has shown excellent performance when he wore yellow in 18 of the 21 stages of the race. In addition, he has won many other titles such as Giro d’Italia (2013), Vuelta a Espana (2010).

Tour de France bicycle race

Tour de France is considered the world’s largest annual bicycle race. This event attracts millions of spectators annually. Organized in France and neighboring countries, the race has enthralled many audiences since 1903.

About the race

The route is 3,600 km in the total time of 3 weeks. Besides up and down mountain road, the stamina of the racers is also challenged by the hot summer, when the race takes place. The annual Tour de France attracts riders and teams from all over the world.

Tour de France yellow coat

Tour de France bicycle race

The Tour de France is divided into several stages. The time of each racer is summarized daily to determine the final winner at the end of the day. Any rider with the shortest cumulative time to complete will be awarded the Tour de France yellow jersey the next day. The idea of ​​the Yellow Shirt was given in 1919 by editor Henri Desgrange, the head of the organizing committee.

Other shirts

The Tour de France blue shirt from 1953, was awarded to the best sprinter.

The red-and-white shirt appeared in 1975 and was awarded to the most talented mountaineer. The title King of the Mountains (KOM) was awarded to the racer having the highest point, accumulated from the climbing stages.

The best young racer (under 26 years old) – who completed the race with the shortest total time will be wearing a white shirt. This is the title that started in 1975.


The Tour de France route changes every year. However, the race always consists of mountain roads as a criterion. This is to challenge the stamina of the riders and always ends at the Champs-Élysées in Paris, which is in the joy of the trumpet.